Beef Dumpling Soup

Beef Dumplings

Beef Dumpling Soup

An early experiment with the dehydrator had left us with way-too-salty beef jerky in the freezer. We are slowly using it up in improvised dishes, like this beef jerky dumpling soup. I cut a handful jerky strips into little cubes with scissors and placed them in a bowl, covering them with milk and a tablespoon of butter. Then I rehydrated the cubes by microwaving the mixture on medium low for about a minute. The butter didn’t melt, so I microwaved everything a little more on high for 30 seconds. After the mixture had cooled off lightly, I beat in an egg, added a handful of rolled oats, chopped romaine, and bread crumbs until the batter became rather firm. I covered the bowl and let it stand for about 10 minutes to give the bread crumbs and oats the chance to absorb some of the liquid. In the meantime, I boiled a very light vegetable broth (remember, the jerky had WAY too much salt). Then, I formed little round dumplings with the dough and dropped them into the boiling liquid.

Instead of beef jerky, cooked ham or any salt-cured meat can be used to make this fast (15 minutes) delicious soup.

Beef Dumpling Soup

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